Breaking Silence on Email Spoofer

We wish we could tell you that we are rolling out another update, more features, more fun, more engagement!! Email Spoofer was a fun application that RonLi created with strict T&Cs about its use and we were naive to believe that these conditions wouldn’t be violated.

We created this application with integrity and released it for nothing but maybe a little bit of appreciation in return. We were overwhelmed by the positive response that we received, we listened and catered to every issue that was reported , RonLi initiated 24*7 support to accommodate all your concerns, we worked on the requests and provided solutions overnight. This was a non-profit application and yet it was always a priority to us.

Given that our intention of building this application was purely entertainment , we were taken aback when it came to our notice , that our application was being misused for illegal activities in spite of the stern disclaimer that we communicated at the launch of the application. To avoid further mishap through this application, we have terminated it and taken it down from Google Play Store. We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to our honest users.

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