10 simple steps to Live stream on YouTube from Multiple locations using OBS

YouTube Live streaming is the need of the hour. Indeed, YouTube Live is a simple method to get closer to your audience and it is too easy a task, isn’t it? But for instance, you are having a discussion with numerous individuals/meetings on external application (Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, and so forth) and you need to live stream that? Apparently, YouTube doesn’t have an inbuilt component to do so. But YouTube does give options of Live streaming with external applications. Regardless of whether you are streaming online class, hosting an event or even streaming a video game from multiple places with multiple people, OBS gives you variety of options. During these testing times we actually had privilege to lend a hand to one Church in Bangalore to Live Stream on YouTube using OBS from different locations.

OBS(Open Broadcaster Software) is a free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.

10 simple steps will guide you on how to YouTube Live stream with OBS:

Step 1: To begin with, open your YouTube account and click on “Your channel”. If you do not have a channel, follow these instructions to create a channel: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/1646861?hl=en

YouTube channel.

Accordingly once your channel is created, it will look like this.

YouTube channel.

Step 2: Now enable Live streaming option on your channel. Click on Settings Channel status and features – Enable Live streaming.

Enable Live Streaming

You can’t stream live on YouTube until you verify the account with a linked mobile number. Click on the verification page, and follow the instructions to activate your account. It takes 24 hours for the activation of your account.

Live Streaming Activation.

Step 3: Once YouTube account is activated, click on “Go Live” option.

YouTube Live

Click on Stream Now Classic.

YouTube Live - Stream Now Classic

Step 4: This is the how your channel Live Control Room resembles.

YouTube Live Control Room

Step 5: Furthermore, a control panel with Category, Privacy, Stream settings, Analytics, and Stream health is shown up wherein Fill all the details. Now copy the Stream name/key. This is extremely critical to connect your YouTube channel with OBS. Ensure you share it with none. Anyone who has your Stream key can live stream from your channel.

YouTube Live Control Panel
YouTube Live stream with OBS

Step 6: Download OBS from the official website and install it on your PC. Run it as administrator and click Settings at the bottom right corner.


Step 7: Click Stream tab on the left menu. In the Service drop-down, select YouTube/YouTube Gaming. Type/Paste your YouTube Stream key in the Stream Key field. This links OBS with your YouTube channel. Click on Apply and OK.

OBS Settings

Step 8: In the main window, Right click on the screen/click the “+” symbol under the Sources towards the bottom. Select the kind of streaming you need to have. Then click on the “+” symbol under the Scenes towards the bottom left. Select the kind of scenes you need to have.You can add multiple scenes and sources and align them as per your need.

OBS Settings

Step 9: To capture the recording, you have a couple of various alternatives. You can capture any full-screen application, a particular window, or a frontal area window. Click OK to finish.

OBS Select Source

Step 10: With all the settings set up, your channel is now ready to accept your stream from OBS. Finally click on Start Streaming in the bottom right corner. You could likewise click on Start Recording to save a local copy on your device.

OBS Start streaming

Enjoy live streaming on YouTube with OBS from multiple locations. Follow RonLi Blog for other interesting articles.

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