COVID-19 Tracker – Nepal: Tracking the Coronavirus Crisis

The global pandemic COVID-19 is said to have made its way to Nepal as a number of positive cases have been uncovered within the past few weeks. Practicing social distancing and staying indoor is the need of the hour. As the nation prepares to fight this battle it is of utmost importance that we are aware and informed of the whereabouts of this disease. RonLi’s COVID-19 Tracker for Nepal is a means for every citizen to track coronavirus related information across the nation.

COVID-19 Tracker – Nepal by RonLi

A glimpse of the Covid-19 tracker (9th April, 2020)

The tracker provides you with district wise details of the number of cases. It lists out the Total cases, Active cases, Recovered cases and Deaths. You can also search for cases related to a specific district. Similarly, a wheel towards the center displays the number of confirmed cases in a selected district. You can also switch between districts by tapping on the wheel. Not only does the tracker keep you informed, it also assists you to seek help. For instance, it lists out helpline numbers and testing centers closest to your location.

Although the entire pandemic situation may seem like a scene from an apocalyptic movie – let’s not lose hope! Above all, let’s not fall prey to coronavirus related rumours and false information. The dashboard utilizes information sourced from Wikipedia. For Covid-19 related information on neighboring countries please visit Covid-19 Tracker – India and related blog.

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