PICTURE OF THE DAY: Images that speak!

What if an image came to you with some information every day? RonLi has made it possible with POTD – “PICTURE OF THE DAY”. POTD is integrated with the Google Assistant of your mobile device, therefore, making it easily accessible and user friendly.

We live in the 21st Century which is often termed as the ‘Age of Information’. Each one of us wants to be well informed and aware to be in pace with the world around us. With POTD, keeping yourself updated is now both fun and easy !

We have all heard the saying – “A picture speaks a thousand words”. POTD provides you with pictures that impart knowledge and have interesting facts associated with them. These Pictures are mainly featured as Picture Of the Day on English Wikipedia‘s main page. They are automatically updated every day with one or more featured pictures accompanied by a  blurb i.e. a brief description. 

Why should you use POTD ?

If you want to learn something new and interesting everyday, love reading about scientific discoveries, history, general knowledge etc. but at the same time are too busy to go looking for facts, POTD is for you.

How can you access POTD ?

Accessing POTD is hassle free and it just takes two steps :

  1. Open Google Assistant in your mobile device or say “Ok/Hey Google”.
  2. Now say, “Talk to Picture of The Day” and see the magic!

POTD keeps you updated with new and interesting pictures each and every day and also keeps you well informed about interesting facts and discoveries.

WHEN can you use POTD ?

Picture of the Day is available anytime ! It’s integration with Google Assistant makes it easy to access on your mobile device. This allows you to use it whenever you feel like learning or acquiring some knowledge about interesting things.  

WHAT are the specifications of POTD ?

Let us look at the software tools used to develop POTD:

  • HTML5: Hyper Text Markup Language version-5. It allows to structure and present content on the World Wide Web.
  • PHP: Personal Home Page which is a scripting language used for web-development.
  • Node.js: Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript runtime environment that executes JavaScript code outside a web browser.
  • JSON: JavaScript Object Notation is an open standard file format and data interchange format. It uses human-readable text to store and transmit data objects consisting of attribute–value pairs and array data types.
  • Cronjob: It is a time-based job scheduler in UNIX like operating system. Jobs can be run periodically at a particular time or date using Cronjob.
  • Google Action: It is a tool by Google which lets the user get things done through a conversational interface. For instance, the command – ‘Talk to Picture of the day’.
  • Dialogflow:  It is a natural language understanding platform. Dialogflow allows you to design and integrate a conversational user interface mainly into mobile apps. In addition, it also compatible with with web applications, bots, interactive voice response systems, and much more.

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