Why we changed our domain extension from .xyz to .io


In the world we live in today, driven by technology, a domain name is a must have for any business regardless of its nature. There are a wide variety of domains to choose from, each having its own purpose/nature and is pretty much self-explanatory; for example, .org which signifies organization and is commonly used by Schools, profit/non-profit entities.

For those who are unsure about what a domain name is, it is the address of your website; for example,  www.ronli.io. Here’s a short video on domain names from GoDaddy. Businesses these days need a strong online presence because the first thing any potential customer does is run a web search about the business or their product/service.

As some of you might have noticed, RonLi has started serving from a new address: ronli.io.

Some reasons supporting the change are that the .xyz domain extension is not self-explanatory, while people are aware of what extensions like .com, .org, .io represent. To any user, “abc.com” sounds more like an authentic website than ”abc.xyz”. The .xyz  extension is widely popular among spammers, hackers and phishers due to which many companies do not support this domain. It hurts many internal operations of an org like Digital Marketing, Ad Campaign etc. Facebook’s so called “the link shim tool” just hates .xyz. It is evidently not so popular! Personally, I did like the .xyz extension because of its length, generic intended use and it also sounds cool, but the cons outweigh the pros.

Quick Fact: Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google is using “xyz” domain and is one big reason for anyone to choose that domain over others. That sounds just right but did you know that Google Domains, which is the internet domain registration service by Google, do not support registration of xyz domain? At least not yet (31st/April/2020).

As we expand our business horizons, making no compromises when it comes to quality and security in all aspects, we have decided to go with the .io extension.

Well to be honest, we put a lot of thought while making this decision and spent days calculating the highlights and challenges, but we ended up with plenty reasons supporting this change.

  • The .io extension is associated to input/output, which allows our users to identify the specialization of our business from the domain name itself making it self explanatory.
  • Google has categorized .io among its group of gccTLDs, i.e Generic Country Code Top Level Domains.
  • It is unique as compared to the conventional .com domain and stands out.
  • strlen(this.extension) gives 2; //The domain length is just 2, which makes it more easy to remember.

NOTE: ronli.xyz domain is still active under our brand, in case you access it you will be redirected to ronli.io.

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