The outbreak of the corona virus and the subsequent lockdown has forced us to move indoors and majorly depended on technology.  In this global crisis, technology has played a very crucial role in the fight against the pandemic and RonLi is hand-in glove with it.

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In these difficult times the world is in great need of healthcare and technology. Therefore, countries across the globe are using technologies such as AI, Analytics, Drones, and Robotics etc in order to fight against the pandemic. Below are some examples of such technology driven solutions that played a major role in the fight against COVID-19.

1. Building community awareness:

  • Mobile apps are playing a vital role in creating awareness across the community about the virus. For instance, the government of India has launched a Chatbot feature on WhatsApp, called MyGov Corona Helpdesk. Citizens can communicate with the chat-bot to learn about corona virus symptoms and treatment.
  • An active community of software developers in India is also developing innovative mobile applications. These applications range from those that help patients locate nearest hospitals to those that facilitate grocery delivery for citizens.

2.    Contact Tracing:

  • Countries like Singapore, Taiwan, and Israel are using data from citizen’s mobile phones to perform “contact tracing”. A method that uses trajectory and geo-location data from mobiles to detect and isolate individuals who were in close contact with corona positive patients.
  • It is based on the same technology and data analytics that digital marketers use to identify potential customers.

3.    Quarantine enforcement:

  • Baidu – the Chinese equivalent of Google – has developed an infrared based sensor for no-contact screening. It uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically identify individuals with fever, even when they are in a crowded place.
  • The government of China has created a “health code” app. It gives users a color-coded designation based on the status of their health and travel history. The designations are then checked out by the authorities before permitting entry into crowded locations.

4.    Drone Ambulance:-

  • Drones have turned the tables of medical industry through its agile nature. They are used for various purposes in order to maintain social distancing. These days drone delivery is the safest and fastest way to meet various medical emergencies. Similarly, cameras fixed into Drones can be used for thermal imaging in crowded areas.

5.    Robo- Nurses:-

  • As we know, robots are not prone to the virus. Therefore, 40% of the hospitals are deploying robots to perform many activities. These include, cleaning, sterilizing, delivering food and medicine to the patients etc. Use of robots provides safety assurance to frontline health workers and also brings down their heavy workload.

6.    Massive Surveillance:

  • In order to efficiently handle the corona situation the government of China has developed a massive survilliance system.
  • It helps to gather various types of data from people’s smart phone. For example, location, travel history, body temperature and much more.
  • The gathered dataset is now trained using Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning models. These models are then used to predict the corona positive patients in crowded places.

In order to help citizens keep track of the cases around them, RonLi has come up with a COVID-19 tracker for India and Nepal. This tracker displays the number of corona cases across states and districts. It shows Active cases, Recovered cases, Deaths, and so on. It also provides the helpline numbers and testing centers available in each state. Thus, it is of great help across the nation.

As quoted by M.F.Moonzajer, “How can you have dreams when your neighbors are having a nightmare”. RonLi is following the country’s traditional values by creating the same COVID-19 Tracker for our fellow neighbor Nepal. As a result, handling the pandemic crisis efficiently in both countries.

To sum up, technology has played a major role in the fight against COVID-19 through its innovative solutions over a broad spectrum. On the other hand, emerging tech startups like RonLi-IT services are also offering their best  to improve the current scenario.

Stay home. Stay Safe.


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